Frank Welch

It's not often that a career in cross-country trucking leads to a career in radio — but that's how it happened to Frank Welch. "It's true," he says. "I was listening to a lot of radio stations while driving around the country. My thought was, 'I could do better than that!' so I jumped into it." Today, Frank's definition of "drive time" has changed. The road to us wound its way through a variety of radio stations including Dallas stations KCDU-FM, KLUB-FM and KVIL-FM. "I've done basically every on-air job you can do: jock, studio news reporter, street reporter, traffic reporter, sports reporter and more." These experiences have brought Frank news honors, including the Dallas Press Club's "KATY" Award and the Dallas U.P.I. Award. Frank believes he has an impact on his listeners because he genuinely enjoys his job. "I have a lot of fun on the air and I really believe that if you're having fun at something, people respond positively to you."